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Water Shrine Landscape

Santi about the Transmission session with Mindo

Lyonne Sundari Enlightenment - Consciousness (Satsang Teacher)

Lyonne Sundari is a founder of Goddess Essence and co-founder of New Humanity School. She is a Satsang teacher and a dedicated healer with a focus on Woman`s Essence. Teaches Yoga TTC, Tao Practice, Shakti Dance and Tantric Arts. Find out more at

Angie Journey to Non-Duality Dialogue

In this video Angie shares her journey to Non-Duality consciousness through her work with Mindo. Explaining in more detail what her experience was like in each stage and how it effected her life. Angie is also an EFT practitioner and trained in Energy Psychology and the PSYCH-K®️ technique.

Renata B. Testimonial of her Opening to Oneness

In the above video testimonial, Renata B. talks about her experience after a private session Mindo and opening to Oneness consciousness. She says: “If you feel that you have to do something… and you’re looking for someone to change your life… probably you’re looking for yourself, and Mindo can guide you into that Self.” Find out more at:

Nicole Testimonial of her Opening to Presence and Bliss

For a long time my ego had an addiction to suffering as I had gone through a very stressful operation when I was 2 and a half years old. This left me with the belief that I was made to suffer throughout my life as I did not have the tools or the knowledge to understand this. However now, in my more mature years and having practiced meditation for the last 4 years, I have realised that this “need” for suffering has not left me. So I decided to meet with Mindo personally to deal with this suffering I was experiencing. As he guided me into presence, in the moment of observing the issue, I realised that it was in front of me, not inside of me. Thus showing me that I was only holding the space for it to happen. I used to be so afraid to meet with this energy but now I realise that I was and still am that field of presence for that energy.

Ever since, my presence has been flowering gently and surely 🙂 The love and the joy I feel now is so much clearer and purer now, I couldn’t be more grateful 🙂 Thank you Mindo, you are an amazing friend and a truly wonderful being. Namaste

Evelina W. (Sweden) Consciousness
from 475 to 590 in 2 Skype sessions

Before: I was in a point of my life when I was feeling very restless, not knowing where I wanted to live or what I wanted to work with. I felt that my mind was constantly trying to come up with the next great plan and that plan was going to make me happier and feel more relaxed. I was constantly looking for the next thing knowing that happiness can only be in the moment. But I was not happy where I was and could not be present. A friend of mine recommended I´d have a Skype session with Mindo, he thought that it would help me calm down a bit and make me feel whole. So I scheduled a meeting not knowing what it was going to be like or what we were going to talk about.

During: We connected online and I told Mindo about the above about my restless mind and the feeling of chasing after something that I was not sure about what it was. Wanting to be here and now but not being able to accomplish that. Mindo told me that I was not being connected to my higher self and that misconnection was causing these feelings. He suggested a guided meditation that would open me up and connect to my higher self.

So we started and did my best to relax and follow his instructions. Then all of a sudden I was filled with an energy and I could just feel that I was there -in the meditative state, no thoughts no feeling just pure being. I still listened to what Mindo was saying and noticed I had a huge smile on my face. I could definitely feel connected. So as we finished and I opened my eyes I felt my body in a very different way.

I cannot describe it I just felt different more filled with energy than before. A lightly buzzing but still calm happy energy. We finished the meditation and talk and that sate of happiness and wonder stayed with me for the rest of the evening.

After: I can still feel very connected, it is a difficult feeling to describe, it is more like a knowing and also I feel a very slight tingle at the back of my head. (Yes I realize this sounds very weird but it is the only way I can describe it.) The main benefit is that I feel much calmer. I am happy about being where I am and don´t let thoughts and feelings bother me in the same way. When worries arise I ask myself does this thought help me in the present moment, as mostly it does not, I can then let go of it.

I feel connected to my higher self, I am not entirely sure what that is, yet but it feels great. I am much happier and feel much more appreciative about small everyday things. Sure I am still making plans for the future and where to move next but now it feels more like an adventure and not like it has to be the solution to everything. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am very thankful that my friend recommended a session with Mindo.

Odete Daniel’s (UK) Consciousness
from 510 to 585 in 1 Skype session

My crown feels much easier I’m not getting so many headaches. I been self healing with my conscious awareness and feel more present. Thank you I’m a bit shocked you have helped me so easily it’s really nice not to feel so much hurt and pain. I have been feeling immense peace and gratitude and feeling as if all my emotional pain lifted off me. I feel really liberated and for the first time really free. Just so thankful and I do not have words to describe how it feels. Thank you for being u with all that you are! ❤️

Abigail B. (Malta)

I have just started working with Mindo and it is clear that my energy has shifted already. I feel blessed to have experienced a Full Consciousness Transmission which was a turning point in my work towards self-realization. Mindo’s pure white frequency cleansing and activating my energy opened a whole new world to be “presently enjoyed”. Mindo is a unique teacher who’s simple, clear guidance can be easily followed even by the beginner.

Cameron C. (USA)

So far I have had 3 sessions with Master Mindo to raise my consciousness and remove blockages in my system. I must say that I am very impressed that in such a short time period the feelings of true positivity, bliss, peace, freedom, and happiness in my body have risen to levels that I can truly notice a change in my behaviors, my emotions, my way of thinking, and simply just feeling the subtle bodily sensations of an opening in my head that feels like a large amount of space was just made, warmth traveling up my spine and throughout my body, to name a few examples. I fully intend to continue raising my consciousness and inner love with Master Mindo’s help to my hopes of reaching 1000 on the Map of Spirituality or otherwise known as pure consciousness or full enlightenment. Thank you so much Master Mindo for teaching me and allowing me to be a student of yours. It is truly a joy and an honor

Angie Mifsud (Malta)

I met Mindo last January and since then its been one big adventure which never stops amazing me. I’ve been having weekly sessions with Mindo since last April where each time I feel happier, lighter, freer and filled with love. I have a deeper connection with the world and the people in it, and people comment that I have a very good aura. I wouldn’t be genuine if I told you that challenges don’t come up, but I’ve learnt that these are only things which are ready to be healed. Mindo is very gentle and caring, and has the ability to meet you wherever you are in your journey, bringing you towards where you are meant to be.

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