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“Bright as a Sun, Lightning standing still.”

Mindo is a teacher helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment and Full Consciousness. His timeless teachings and modern insights have given birth to the clarity of the Levels of Human Consciousness and the unique Full Consciousness Transmission has allowed over 1000 people to permanently raise their Levels of Consciousness, some of them realizing Enlightenment and returning to the Full Consciousness.

This is a unique opportunity to receive a direct Full Consciousness Transmission from Enlightened teacher Mindo that unblocks your mind and raises your Level of Consciousness. Mindo transmits one of the purest spiritual energy in the world!

A common feeling during the energy transmission is passing through of the Light, expansion of the crown at the top of your head, and a feeling of Oneness. Your whole nervous system is attuned to the highest energy level, as well as your: Aura, Electro-magnetic field, Shakti/Kundalini, and all your 7 energy centers.

It is one of the most effective energy transmissions currently available in the world. It allows the source light (like the Sun) to flow through you harmoniously, connecting you to the purest Consciousness, unblocking the mind, which is the cause of all problems, and opening into a higher level of living.

Mindo has helped over 1000 people to raise their levels of consciousness and self-realization and this has helped them on their journey to Enlightenment and to living a life in deep harmony, love, joy, and oneness with life and the Universe.

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One-on-one Full Consciousness Transmission

Full Consciousness

Realized Students



Enlightened Awareness

to Supra Causal Truth

Realized Students


Presence & Non-Duality Consciousness
Realized Students


Inner Light, Love & Unity Awakened Students

around the World

After 1000 - Full Consciousness Integration Transmission Session:

Since there are more and more students at 1000 Full Consciousness, the next step is to work on the Full Consciousness Integration via Body Nervous System, Energy System Integration and further Ascension Work.

In this session, you will receive a supportive Full Consciousness Integration Transmission, your Personal Chart as well as advice on any questions and any further integrative support needed.



To book an appointment, please make a payment below and contact us via: 

Most bookings are done online by people from all over the world and they are as effective as meeting in physical.

Mindo has a special gift of seeing your energy field over the distance as well as your chakras, the density of the mind and consciousness.

Mindo gives regular local and international workshops, retreats, meetings, and private sessions. He has held over 1000 Satsang meetings in Truth, has helped hundreds of people privately and his teachings have reached tens of thousands of people around the world. Many people come for private meetings and consultations from all walks of life. Some of them are famous people in the media, celebrities, business owners, investors, doctors, spiritual and non-spiritual people alike.

Please make a payment in advance

Book A Transmission
60 minute session
90 minute session
The fee is 320€ for 60 min session and 450€ for 90 min session which also includes the measurement of your personal chart, your Level of Self-Realization, Level of Consciousness, Soul, Mind, Heart, Body Nervous System and Full Consciousness.

For High Net Worth Individuals
60 minute session
90 minute session
The fee for high net worth individuals is 500€ for 60 min session and 750€ for 90 min session

Note that the usual waiting time is currently between 1 to 2 weeks.

You will receive your Personal Chart:
Evelina Updated.png

In the Personal Chart, 1000 is the highest measurement, please watch the video for more detailed explanation.

Included Support & Recording of Practice:

At each meeting with Mindo, you will receive personal advice on any question you may have, as well as a recording of meditation/transmission/practice that you can download for your personal keeping after the meeting.

Mindo will also advise you on further supportive readings, videos and practices to continue with your Integration after the session on your own time.



SANTI about the Transmission session with Mindo

Evelina W.

I feel a very slight tingle at the back of my head. The main benefit is that I feel much calmer. I am happy about being where I am and don´t let thoughts and feelings bother me in the same way. I am much happier and feel much more appreciative about small everyday things. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am very thankful that my friend recommended a session with Mindo.

Abigail Borg

I have just started working with Mindo and it is clear that my energy has shifted already. I feel blessed to have experienced a Full Consciousness Transmission which was a turning point in my work towards self-realization. Mindo’s pure white frequency cleansing and activating my energy opened a whole new world to be “presently enjoyed”. Mindo is a unique teacher who’s simple, clear guidance can be easily followed even by the beginner

Renata B.

If you feel that you have to do something… and you’re looking for someone to change your life… probably you’re looking for yourself, and Mindo can guide you into that Self.

Odete Daniel

Since I started sending the energy you shared with me my crown feels much easier I’m not getting so many headaches. I been self healing with my conscious awareness and feel more present. Thank you I’m a bit shocked you have helped me so easily!

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